Frequently Asked Questions

How Swiftly Can You Find A Buyer For My House?

AS SWIFT AS YOU WANT TO! At Peak Cash Offers, we never say no to a home that is not in perfect condition. We buy all types of houses to help you close swiftly and get the most money for your home!

Are There Any Obligations?

NO OBLIGATIONS! At Peak Cash Offers, we do not force you to accept an offer that we make. We simply give you a FAIR offer, and YOU choose whether you want to accept it or not! Call us to know more.

Are There Any Service Charges?

No, there are no charges or fees when disposing of your home with Peak Cash Offers. Our goal is to get you the BEST offer for your house, and that’s it. We will cover any additional costs associated with your property. This way, you will be able to walk away with more money in your wallet.

How Swiftly Will You Get Me An Offer?

We will contact you within 48 hours with the BEST offer for your home. Whenever you decide to accept one of our offers, we will send an agent your way to inspect your house as soon as you are ready.

Will You Give Me Money For My House?

Absolutely, whether you want solid money or a check for your home, we will get you your preferred payment method.

Are There Any Commitments?

There are NO commitments or obligations when submitting your information with us. It is your decision to either accept the offer we give you or walk away from the offer.

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Peak Cash Offers Traditional
COMMISIONS $0 6% of Home Value
REPAIR COSTS $0 $10,000
AVG. DAYS TO CLOSE 2 weeks! 1 month+
# OF SHOWINGS 0 Realtor Decides